FREE Kit: For Managers & Executives Who Want to Make a Bigger Impact

This simple DIY kit contains the 7-step blueprint, tools, and checklists to get you unstuck and to Accelerate your Personal Impact today!


Discover the Key Success Factors From Years of Mentoring Australia's Highest Performing Executives and Board Members to the Highest Level of Purposeful, Meaningful Impact in Business and Life

Answer These 5 Questions That Are Driving Your Performance...

Discover what really motivates you to become your highest self.  Inside your kit you'll find the 5 key questions driving your performance in business and life, along with the evidence based reasons why true clarity of purpose amplifies your impact and success!

Action 7 Practical Implementation Exercises to Maximise Your Impact

Truly impactful leaders have an undeniable presence and authenticity about them (think Branson, Musk, Winfrey, Mandela).  Uncover your essence, the ingredients making you who you really are to break through your limitations and step into your true potential!  

Unlock Your 3 Keys to Success in Business and in Life

Unlock the 3 keys which can hold you back or propel you forward in a life and business that really matters.   The blueprint for success is simple - learn what holds most people back from flourishing as leaders on an international scale & what fuels the successful & happy 1%!


This Purposeful Impact Kit is Specifically Designed For CEOs, Business Owners & Executives Who Are Looking to Create Massive Impact


  • You are a leader in your business or
  • ​You are an owner of your business and
  • You desire to have greater impact;
  • You are seeking your ultimate purpose;
  • You want to know the secrets of the 1%, the people really changing the world!


  • ​You already have total clarity of purpose
  • ​You have no desire to make more impact
  • ​You won't make the time to implement and action the learning from this kit


Andrew having been where I had been corporately got me right away, was an amazing coach to get my head right, me centred and prepared for an amazing future ahead. He was practical, kind, caring, relatable, straight up e.g. doesn’t tell you always what you want to hear but what you need to...

I highly recommend him to anyone who thinks OMG I can’t possibly go to someone like this as a C Level because what will people think but I swear it will help you in ways that you can’t imagine and help you find yourself again so that you can maximise the best life for yourself not for others. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Andrew your simply amazing at what you do.
Dom Dowding | CEO | Dunedin Casino, New Zealand
Andrew was instrumental in helping me to understand the bigger picture and the opportunities for personal and career growth – several concepts I hadn’t even considered or thought of. These conversations, activities and the learning process were very valuable to me in starting this journey to self-realisation. I feel comfortable knowing all the options that are open to me, I have a new level of energy, optimism, and far greater self-awareness...

I have grown my perceptions around careers, people, outcomes and the value I can offer. My understanding of the opportunities which lay ahead are clearer and far more diverse. I have now considered several strategies and pathways which has been very rewarding and so much fun.

Thanks Andrew – thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Glenn Flower | CMO | 5G Networks Ltd, Australia
With Andrew, we've grown our business from 25 to 85 staff in the past 12 months, with active hiring for another 200 roles in the next 12 months!

 ...The frameworks, tools, challenge and support Andrew has provided has been invaluable for us personally and within our business, extending from business development to culture building, joint venture and partnership opportunities.

Our mission is to showcase the incredible talents and gifts of my home country, Sri Lanka on the world stage and we have an incredible foundation from which we can scale our impact for the future.

Thanks Andrew for your support! 
Shanil Dissayanake| FOUNDER | Swivel Group, Australia & Sri Lanka


Meet Your Executive Coach & Author, Andrew Rooke

Andrew’s a former executive director of a global fintech firm (leading 500 staff globally), turned entrepreneur and executive coach/mentor.

Andrew works with high-achieving executives and business owners to expand their potential and performance through mindset mastery, emotional & social intelligence, heightened executive function and radiant health & vitality.

Andrew draws from his practical experience leading large organizations and credentials in diverse fields such as neuroscience, human behaviour & psychology, biology and functional medicine.
Andrew has been trained and mentored by world-leading authorities such as Ben Greenfield, Sharon Pearson, Dr. Dan Brown, Paul Chek, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Datis Kharrazian.

Andrew is a Professional Coach, Certified Meta Dynamics Practitioner, Certified Emotional Intimacy Coach & CHEK Level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coach and holds advanced certifications in Functional Medicine.

FREE Kit: For Managers & Executives Who Want to Make a Bigger Impact

This simple DIY kit contains the 7-step blueprint, tools, and checklists to get you unstuck and to Accelerate your Personal Impact today!
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